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With Four Seasons Roofing Inc., you'll be working with a team who are certified through various manufacturers and a team who cares about work personally. Additionally, you'll be assisted by a knowledgeable crew of roofing technicians who are ready to answer your questions.


Have any question right now? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below. Contact us today to learn about our competitive rates that are available for you!

What types of materials are available?

• Today's market offers a wide variety of choices. Traditional types of roofing such as asphalt/fiberglass and wood shakes/shingles are still very popular. Decorative metal panels are common and come in a wide array of colors and textures, some of which simulate shingles or tile. Concrete or clay tiles add long-wearing durability with a Southern flair. All of these types of materials are designed for use on sloped roofs.


• For flat roofs, a torch-down roof is still used, although a tough single-ply membrane with welded seams is a superior choice. The single-ply roof provides unmatched protection while creating a crisp, clean look.

What kind of roof should I choose?

• Many options may appeal to you and one could be a better "fit" depending upon the style and structure of your home or business.

Do different climates require different types of roofing?

• In short, yes. Different regions of the country require different materials and installation considerations. Proper fastening of materials is a must. All manufacturers require specific fastener placements to maintain a “wind warranty." We experience a wide variety of weather changes and in harsh winter climates such as ours, we also use ice and water barriers at the eaves and in the valleys where ice damming may occur to provide an extra measure of protection. To learn more about ice & water shield, visit

Why does cost seem to vary so much?

• While material prices can vary greatly as well as the amount of labor involved, the best way to determine accurately is to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation, no-charge estimate. By doing this, we can best determine your needs.

How much should price be involved?

• While price is always a consideration, price should not be the only factor in making a decision in either picking a contractor or in choosing materials. You obviously want to get the best value for your investment. Making a sound decision goes far beyond price.

What types of product warranties are on the market?

• Product warranties will vary greatly depending upon the type of material and the particular manufacturer. Most typically, there is a range from 20-50 years up to lifetime for some products.

What might change a product warranty?

• Regardless of the material use, any roof is only as good as the installation. In many cases, poor installation can actually void a manufacturer warranty. By choosing Four Seasons Roofing, Inc., you will insure yourself with both a manufacturer’s product warranty and an unconditional workmanship guarantee.

I have heard about proper ventilation, how important is it?

• Adequate ventilation is often overlooked by many contractors and it is the key in maintaining a balance between the interior climate of your home and the external environment. Proper ventilation is achieved by a combination of air intake vents along the eaves or gable end, and air exhaust vents positioned along the ridgeline.

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